De Santis


The De Santis company was created in the innovative design of Italian haute couture. Our brand was formed from our tradition and excellent craftsmanship in tailoring skills, and reaches high levels of creativity, research and attention to detail. Quality, innovation, research, professionalism and ethics are the irrevocable values on which our company is based.
Every article is produced in Italy, from the beginning to the end of its productive cycle. Our objective is to offer a high quality product starting from the choice of the fabric and combining modern production techniques with attention to detail both in our prêt-à-porter collections and our custom fitted garments.


The company, founded in 1961 by Aniello De Santis, was an immediate success on the market, thanks to the evocative power and the fascination that the brand holds for its final customers. In fact, it soon became famous for its “fairy tale furs”. In 1971, it specialized in the sartorial sector with a line of clothing for men and women that went from formal to casual wear.


In 1980, the stylist, De Santis, opened the doors of his Atelier in Pontecagnano, which was to become the symbol of a florid and lively economic reality of Southern Italy, a workshop for craftsmanship, talent and art. With specialized experts for every function of the sector, the atelier became the headquarters of the company, dealing with everything from sewing to sales and to production.

Highly specialized workers and a first class organization – this is what distinguishes the “headquarters” of the company, which soon made itself felt even beyond its own territory. Year after year, Aniello De Santis’ collections were welcomed with surprise and amazement for their style and innovation, and for the creativeness of their colours and nuances. Currently, the company is led by his sons, Giuseppe, Carmine and Valentino.